Whatever happened to (Yeah)
The boy that I once knew (It's ya boy Capone)
The boy who said he'd be true (Young slime from QB let's go)
Oh no oh no (Shoot me kill me)
Oh no no no no no (Have me locked uh)
Oh no oh no (Wet me disrespect me)
Oh no no no no no (Uh yeah check it yeah)
I told the judge "I ain't comin' back
Catch me if the cops could"
I got a chopper sittin' under my drop hood
You never catch me slippin'
I'll never get rocked by a chicken
I know you lame niggas know my position
I came from the same ghetto you live in
With no pot to piss in
So believe me I'm no damn different
Listen understand I'm a man with a vision (I got a vision baby)
You could kill me and bury me after I'm done spittin'
Now who could do it like I do it
Rap it just like I rap it
Keep an army in the [] right under my army jacket
How dare you detest me How dare you neglect me
I'm the street in the purest form niggas respect me
Wet me I'm coming back twice I'm that nice
Rap life is for the shaking 'em shakin' this shit down
For a verse with Capone you takin' a brick now
Yeah yeah yeah yeah